Eternal Erection

Dear Funksters!

Eternal Erection is going on an indefinite break.

Thanks to all you loyal and wonderful fans for all these amazing 24 years!!! What a ride it has been!!!

PS. As a farewell present we will release a new song!! STAY STRONG!!!

Peace & Love,
Eternal Erection


Eternal Erection has been keeping it up since 1994  with a funky blend of soul, groove and pop- funk. Now Rick Lover and his fellow stiffeners are spreading liberating grooves beyond our forests to where you’re at.

”We’ve always made people dance and move, even induced trance. We’ve cured depression, healed the infirm and put the funk back into the sex lives of many couples.”

Rick Lover


With six globally released albums, Eternal Erection has played from Brighton to Berlin and from Cuba to Russia. It’s a tight seven-piece for wild club performances that even got Conan O’Brien grooving when they greeted him at the Helsinki airport on his arrival to Finland. For bigger venues the band expands with more brass and the funkadarlings, our fabulous Fabulettes. We also love to have guests like Mike Monroe, formerly Hanoi Rocks, who enjoy playing and singing funk because we have fun. We are especially proud of warming up the crowds for George Clinton P-Funk Allstars gigs.




”I think Eternal Erection are a great funk band. Their live shows are more like an event as opposed to just a gig and that’s what show business is really all about. Not only are they excellent entertainment but they also play some serious Funk with good taste and possess a wicked groove. It`s an area which I visit now and then for refreshment outside of my usual Rock`n Roll surroundings and I have had the pleasure of guesting on several Eternal E shows, jamming on a few of our all time favourite songs. They’ve been great shows and I’ve always had a great time”.

Mike Monroe





“Finnish forest dwellers have struggled for millennia through the bitter cold and eternal darkness of winter. So a hot, bright, colourful, noisy, shiny, wild get-together, with groovy people dancing ass to ass, shifts depression like a leaf blower and brings the sparkle back into the eyes of love. That is how Finnish Forest Funk emerged. Eternal Erection is the master of this genre. ”


New Stay Strong-maxi single out Sept 27th! 



Mia Holopainen
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